XuZhou FengHe Slewing Bearing Co.,Ltd . established in 2004 with registered capital of 20 million yuan to facilitate its self-support export, which has been engaged in producing and designing slewing bearing and slewing drive for the past 30 years. It covers an area of 38016 square meters, among which, the modernized construction area of production plant is nearly 20000 square meters, and forging workshop is nearly 10000 square meters.

The company specializes in Six types slewing bearings, including Single-row ball type (Series 01, series Hs, and series Q), double-row ball type (series 02), three-row roller type (series 13), single-row cross roller type (series 11), double-line ball type (series 07) and ball-roller combined type. For slewing drive, there are nine (9) different sizes available from 3″ to 25″ with more than 60 models to meet both regular and precise tracking requirements in PV, CPV and solar thermal power tracking fields.

Our products are widely used in engineering machinery, building machinery, metallurgical and mining machinery, shipping port machinery, environmental protection machinery, light industry machinery, petroleum chemical machinery, engineering vehicle, war industry equipments and so on. The model of the products covers various standards and nonstandard specifications from 150mm to 5000mm.

The products of our company have been already registered with the trade mark of “Fenghe”. The series of products produced by our company have passed the quality inspection identification of the national special type mechanical part quality testing and played a leading role in the industry. Our company is rewarded as “an enterprise which strictly abides by contracts and keeps promise” and “a enterprise with high quality”. At the same time, we have already passed through production part approval procedure (PPAP) training. Our company have passed ISO9001:2015 and BSOHSAS 18001:2007.We are one of the main slewing bearing and slewing drive manufacturers in China. The relevant products have already passed product testing and certification of Chinese Classification Society (CCS).

The company’s products are sold to all parts of our country and are exported to 50 countries all over the world such as U.S.A., Britain, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Czech, Finland, Holland, Sweden, Irish, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Spain, which have won extensive acceptance and recognition from users.