Learn more about the five unique features of our products, A few days ago, Fenghe Company launched the 5S slewing bearing with "timely delivery, high cost performance, fast response, high quality and high reliability", to meet the needs of customers for products with diamond quality, and to create a new level of slewing bearing in an all-round way.


With 20 years of experience in machining and customization slewing bearing , Our engineer team is always ready to meet new challenges. We do our best to ensure timely delivery. OEM & ODM


We adopt amoeba management mode, through calculating unit time to reduce production costs while increasing production efficiency, and strive to create greater value for customers.


Customer service department in receiving after-sales problems, the first time to respond. The company gives enough on-site processing authority and provides solutions faster.


We have a complete 6 systems,covering all aspects from products to brands,so that we have a strong competitive advantage in products and markets.Make every effort to build a higher level of quality.


The six heat treatment processes from blank forging to finished product greatly improve the reliability of slewing support and minimize the economic loss caused by this problem to customers.

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FengHe Slewing Bearing

As a public company for slewing bearing designing, machining, assembling, fabricating and repairing, we provide a turnkey project for all your requirements. We do None gear, Internal & External gears, ring gears, rings, slewing ring bearings and other forging parts for different fields. To save your significant time and effort, we create the drawing and graph for the normal standard slewing bearing. If you can’t find a suitable part online, we will create a tailored bearing for you.  

We Serve All Industries

Each industry has its own unique challenges, but almost all industries have the same goal, which is to increase machine uptime, reduce maintenance, improve safety, save energy and reduce total cost of ownership. With expertise in various fields, as a technical partner of equipment manufacturers and users in various mechanical industries, Fenghe Slewing Bearing not only provides products, but also provides related integrated solutions to help our customers achieve their goals.

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slewing bearing application

slewing bearing application

At present, the application of slewing bearing is very wide, such as: construction machinery, construction machinery, marine mining, pipeline transportation, etc. For example, in the slewing

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The quick-response pre-sales team will shorten the time and give a quotation within 8 hours.
At the same time, we provide thousands of drawings for your reference in advance, and OEM to fill up the vacancies. We continue to carry out charitable projects to donate money to impoverished areas and disaster-stricken employees.

During this period, our factory produced and shipped according to the original plan! We are deeply aware that failure to deliver on time will have a greater impact on you or your customers, so please feel free to deliver the order to FengHe. We promise to live up to your trust, because this is one of FengHe 5S slewing bearings. It is clearly stated that we have the confidence and ability to create more value for you.

FengHe Slewing Bearing