About Fenghe

Provide customized industry solutions for you

  • 17 years producing experience, strict quality control can be the industry’s best solution guarantee.
  • China leading supplier for slewing bearing,the products have through ISO 9001、CAPE certifiaction,have more than 100 product patents.

  • Our engineering team will provide you with all the technical support from designing to installation the slewing bearing.

  • Excellence in Quality and Precision Performance are constant hallmarks of all FENGHE products. Dialogue with the customer and a flexibility of approach combine with responsive design and development innovations to ensure superior delivery.
  • Traceability production, full implementation of control process to ensure high quality slewing bearing.

If you focus on advanced level of modularity,simpler mainframe design and strict requirements for installation space,slewing drive can better meet your needs.According to the variable speed transmission can be divided into gear slewing drive and worm gear slewing drive.

Examples of use

Fenghe slewing bearings can even be used in the most demanding scopes of application.

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