Engineer Team



Fenghe slewing bearing have accumulated in-house engineer team, who has an experience in this field over 20 years, so they perform well during a plenty of projects.Fenghe brands are widely used in each field for rotation (Like Aerospace, medical, heavy machinery, new energy, artificial intelligence, etc. ), each order through product selection, design, manufacturing and testing to ensure the reliability of our products which makes our customers can trust us.

Our engineers also pay more attention to OEM R&D, processing, process optimization of raw materials for non-standard slewing bearings, etc. Customers can obtain the ideal and specific solutions through Fenghe engineers.The engineering expertise of Fenghe make proof during our product applications. Our thin section and precision slewing solutions meet the highest quality standards and are available in a variety of materials, sizes, internal structures and more.How engineers can help you solve problems with slewing bearings, please contact our engineer team.