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At Fenghe, we apply nearly 20 years of engineering experience and expertise to provide stable and reliable rotary solutions. Professional pre-sale, after-sale teams of engineers solve problems for our customers and manufacture standard ball bearings and slewing support bearings for a wide range of applications. To be able to obtain the customer consultation, makes us feel very honored! We are also happy to help you.

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I need technical engineering support.

Please contact the Engineer Technical Service Center


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Quotation of standard slewing bearings.

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The standard model? Please refer to the following standard catalogue for slewing bearings and part number:

>Single row contact ball type

>Cross roller type

>Double row contact ball type

>Three row roller type

>Light series

>Thin-weight series

>Worm wheel and worm type rotary drive

No specific type of slewing bearing or parameter information, get help!

Our team of expert engineers will provide you with detailed product mapping plan, custom processing, perfect replacement.


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How to choose, need technical guidance.

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Learn about our selection technical documentation.

Only know the brand model of excavator or crane, can you choose the right slewing bearing?

Without any problem, we have almost all the major brands of excavators, cranes supporting slewing bearings, strong inventory spot, guarantee customer’s order delivery on time.


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I need to repair the slewing bearings.

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Understand our complete repair process.

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