The professional logistics and transportation team ensures that the slewing bearing is delivered to customers in a more efficient, convenient and economical way. We strictly abide by the spirit of the contract and promise that the delivery time will be reached!

We advocate personalized customized design, do everything possible to meet customer customized needs, and deliver slewing bearings to customers at a faster speed, paying attention to what customers care about!

  • Various surface treatment processes
    In order to meet the requirements of various working conditions, the slewing bearing can have different types of surface treatment measures: such as galvanizing, sandblasting, painting, oil protection, etc., to ensure the high reliability and durability of the slewing bearing.
Anti-rust oil
  • We provide internal gears, external gears, helical gears, gearless slewing bearings, and provide different solutions for complete projects.
Full tooth
Standard tooth type
helical gear
  • In order to better deal with various extreme environments, such as temperature, humidity, etc., multiple internal components of the slewing ring are involved, and a variety of combinations will save you more worries. As a result, the application range of the slewing ring has been enlarged, and the R&D team of engineers has continuously expanded the various possibilities of the application field of the slewing ring.