Table1 Titles/Units of each parts
Symbol Title Symbol Title
DL (up raceway)Diameter of central raceway n No. Mounting holes
DW (up raceway)Dimension of ball/roller n1 No. grease nozzle
D1 External Ring P.C.D dn1 Diameter of External mounting holes
D2 Internal Ring P.C.D dn2 Diameter of Internal mounting holes
D Nominal OD dm1 Diameter of External thread mounting holes
d Nominal ID dm2 Diameter of Internal thread mounting holes
d1 External ring ID L Thread length of mounting holes
D3 External ring OD da addendum circle diameter
H Total height m Modules
H1 Height of Internal/External ring x overlap arc of gear
h Altitude different of Int/Ext ring z No. of teeth
DS depth of hardened layer b Width of teeth