Concrete pump slewing bearing

In the concrete pump , the slewing bearing plays a key role, which realizes the rotation of the pump arm. This component enables concrete pumps to achieve precise positioning and flexible movement in construction projects. The slewing bearing is responsible for supporting the weight of the pump arm and ensuring its smooth rotation.

Strong load-bearing capacity

Crane slewing bearing are usually designed to withstand large vertical and horizontal loads.

Flexible rotation

The slewing bearing allows the crane to rotate flexibly in the horizontal direction to meet various work requirements.

Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant

Slewing bearing are usually made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials to ensure their long-term stable operation and reduce maintenance costs.

High reliability

As a key component of the crane, the slewing bearing is usually precision designed and manufactured to ensure its high reliability.

  Application examples

Slewing bearing in concrete pumps have a variety of applications:

  • Concrete pouring: The slewing bearing enables the concrete pump arm to rotate 360 degrees on the construction site to achieve precise pouring of concrete in various positions.
  • High-rise buildings: In the construction of high-rise buildings, slewing bearing enable the concrete pump to rotate flexibly to facilitate concrete transportation and pouring in high-rise buildings.
  • Bridge construction: Concrete pumps can achieve accurate concrete pouring during bridge construction through slewing bearing, adapting to the construction needs of various parts of the bridge.
  • Tunnel Engineering: In tunnel construction, the slewing bearing enables the concrete pump to rotate to the required position to achieve concrete pouring inside the tunnel.
  • Foundation engineering: The slewing bearing allows the concrete pump to flexibly respond to the concrete injection needs at different locations in the foundation engineering and improve construction efficiency.
  • Water conservancy projects: In water conservancy projects such as dams and canals, concrete pumps can pour concrete under complex terrain conditions through slewing bearing.
  • Hard-to-reach areas: Slewing bearing allow concrete pumps to maneuver flexibly on construction sites and reach some hard-to-reach areas, such as the backs of buildings or narrow spaces.


We provide complete and reliable concrete pump slewing bearing solutions, aiming to solve problems for customers while creating value for customers, in order to realize the value of the product.

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Concrete pump slewing bearings are mostly non-standard models, and the structural form is mostly single-row four-point contact ball type. Its structure is stable and cost-effective, and it is widely used in small and medium-sized cranes. Contact Fenghe to obtain product catalogs and related technical information.

Slewing bearing inventory planning

Fenghe's stocking plan provides you with excellent services to ensure that you can always obtain the required slewing bearings and maintain the stability of your equipment. If you have any questions or special needs about the stocking plan, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to meet your requirements.