How to choose slewing bearing

  • Technical parameters for selecting slewing bearing
  • Loads of the slewing bearing, i.e. axial force Fa parallel to the rotational axle, radial force Fr vertical to the rotational axle, and overturning moment M caused by both the forces;
  • Time percentage that each kind of load works;
  • Rotational speed of slewing bearing under each kind of load·
  • Circumferential force acting on the gear;
  • Dimension requirement of the slewing bearing
  • Other operation conditions.

Users can choose appropriate slewing bearing according to the method and step for choosing model based on the load curve graph (see the following chapters for details) provided by our company. Then confirm with the technology department of our company together . You can also provide detailed information to our company,  let us select slewing bearing type for you . Y ou mus t fill in Appendix A “User information table for choosing model of slewing  bearing”in detail when you ask  our company to choose model for you , please ask the personnel of marketing  department of our company for this table.

  • Load capacity curve of the slewing bearing
  • In the product samples of our company , a load curve graph corresponding to each model of slewing bearing has been provided, which can help you  choose slewing bearing  prelin1inarily . There are two kinds of curves in the graph , one is the max load that the slewing bearing can bear while keeping static. The other kind is the load curve of three kinds of high strength bolts (8.8, 10.9, and 12.9) of the slewing bearing. It is determined when the clamping length is 5 times of the bolt nominal diameter and the pre-tightening force is 70% of yield strength limit of bolt material.