Structure type of slewing bearing

Mechanical slewing bearings ( TB/T2300 一1999Standard ) structure parameters

Structure type

01-Single-row four point contact type

02-Double-row ball type

11-Single-row cross roller slewing bearing

13-Three-row roller slewing bearing

Transmission type

0-No teeth

1-Involute column outer teeth & smaller module

2-Involute column outer teeth & bigger module

3-Involute column inner teeth & smaller module

4-Involute column inner teeth & bigger module

Roller dim.

Raceway center dim.

Mounting type

0-Standard port

1-Standard type with a stop opening

2-Special type

Mounting hole types

00-Internal & External ring are through hole

01-Internal & External rings are a screw hole

02-Internal ring is screw hole, External ring are through hole

03-External ring is screw hole, Internal ring are through hole