Fenghe slewing bearing can provide matching slewing bearings for mechanical and equipment engineering. Over the years, Fenghe's slewing bearing solutions have been reflected in the application of mechanical and equipment engineering.

The surface anti-rust of Fenghe slewing bearing and supporting components can be customized to achieve good protection effect. Slewing bearings are widely used in the machinery industry, and FH slewing bearings continue to improve product quality from all aspects. Focus on the special needs of the machinery industry market and customers and optimize production processes and processing procedures.

Basic concept

The purpose of the design and manufacture of the slewing bearing is to connect the two parts of the machine so that it can generate relative rotational motion while transmitting axial load, radial load and tipping moment. Therefore, the slewing bearing plays a crucial role in the machinery industry. important role.

Slewing bearing used in machinery industry:

  • Excavator
  • Crane
  • Aerial work vehicle
  • Welding positioner
  • Robot
  • Medical equipment

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