Dear friends, it is great to have you in the company! All the achievements so far are thanks to everyone's hard work!

Since the establishment of the company, Fenghe Support has withstood the test of many unfavorable factors such as the global financial crisis, the government's most stringent environmental protection and safety supervision, rapidly rising labor costs, and a sharply declining GDP. The biggest Sino-US trade war is not over yet, and a sudden new pneumonia epidemic has swept the world again. Fenghe people have gone through ups and downs all the way, facing increasingly harsh living environment, we still live strong, still united tightly, still full of courage to fight against difficulties. Thank you for your constant companionship, the company is so nice to have you!

At the beginning of the business, I had neither technology nor management experience. With only the limited funds collected by a few founders, it has not been easy for me to struggle so far. At that time, the purpose of starting a business was very simple, just for me to make more money and live a happier life.

After experiencing all kinds of hardships and ups and downs, and getting out of the crisis time and time again, I deeply realized that this is definitely not something I can do by myself. With the continuous expansion of the company's scale and the increase in the number of employees, more and more employees have entrusted the happiness of their families to the company. Every time I see the scenes of everyone working hard, I feel more and more responsible. It feels too selfish to think about making more money and living a happier life just for yourself. After continuous study and in-depth thinking, I have a strong idea of ​​making the company bigger and stronger, and leading more employees and families to live a happy life.

Fenghe Support decided to take "becoming a world-class enterprise" as the company's goal; "pursuing the happiness of all employees and families" as the sole purpose of the company's existence. Only when all employees and families are happy and happy can we create more value for customers and attract more customers. With the support of customers, the company will continue to grow and develop, which will bring more taxes to the country, create more jobs, and make greater contributions to the development of the entire society. The spirit of the employees will also be happy. However, the lofty goals will not be achieved automatically. It depends on the unity of the entire team and the efforts of no less than anyone to strive and fight.

The most difficult thing in the world to understand is the human heart, but once the heart is connected, the strongest thing is the human heart. People together are not called teams, hearts together is the real team. Therefore, Fenghe Support has established the management concept of "people-oriented".

Take all employees as the core of attention, suppress the weaknesses of human nature (evil, selfishness, laziness, etc.), and promote the advantages of human nature (goodness, altruism, diligence, etc.); always pay attention to and meet the legitimate needs of employees; plan to improve the professional quality of employees ; Reasonably plan the future development space of each employee. Ultimately create an excellent and high-quality staff team.

When you choose Fenghe, you must not only establish the determination to complete the company's goals, but also keep in mind the great mission of working hard not only for your own happiness, but also to make your partners and everyone in the world happy. This means that you have chosen an extremely difficult life path, and always be prepared to face difficult tests at any time in the future! Even be prepared for your children and grandchildren to fight for this goal! are you ready?

Welcome you to join, the company will be better with you!