December 14, 2023

Excavator swing bearing repair

Disconnect the swing motor and remove the hydraulic lines.Remove gears and other accessories attached to the slew bearing.Carefully lift and remove the old slewing bearing using a crane or other appropriate equipment.
May 15, 2023

Slewing bearing meaning

First of all, the meaning of the slewing ring can be understood literally. Swivel means to rotate or turn, and support means to support and bear weight. Therefore, the meaning of a slewing bearing can be simply explained as a mechanical part that can support and rotate an object.
May 4, 2023

5 advantages of internal gear slewing bearings

Internal gear slewing ring is a common mechanical transmission element, which is mainly composed of internal gear, external gear, balls or rollers and other components. Internal gear slewing bearings are widely used in construction machinery, metallurgical equipment, ships, machine tools and other fields.
April 23, 2023

slewing bearing with external gear

A slewing ring with external gears is a mechanical device used to rotate and support loads. It consists of two rings, an inner circle fixed to the base of the mechanical device, and an outer circle fixed to the top part. The two rings are connected by gears, which are connected to a motor or other drive through a transmission system. When the drive system is turned on, the gears begin to rotate, causing the outer circle to rotate around the inner circle.