September 15, 2023

8 application fields of slewing bearings

August 24, 2023

slewing bearing for filling machine

A slewing bearing, also known as a turntable bearing or slewing ring, is a specialized type of bearing designed to handle axial, radial, and moment loads. […]
June 25, 2023

How to choose slewing bearing and slewing drive

Slewing bearings and slewing drives are two different mechanical structures. Although they are both related to rotation, their roles and working principles are different.
May 15, 2023

Slewing bearing meaning

First of all, the meaning of the slewing ring can be understood literally. Swivel means to rotate or turn, and support means to support and bear weight. Therefore, the meaning of a slewing bearing can be simply explained as a mechanical part that can support and rotate an object.
May 4, 2023

5 advantages of internal gear slewing bearings

Internal gear slewing ring is a common mechanical transmission element, which is mainly composed of internal gear, external gear, balls or rollers and other components. Internal gear slewing bearings are widely used in construction machinery, metallurgical equipment, ships, machine tools and other fields.
April 24, 2023

5 characteristics of flange type slewing ring

Flange type slewing ring is a mechanical component widely used in various industrial equipment, mechanical equipment, construction machinery, port machinery, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, marine engineering equipment, environmental protection equipment and other fields
April 23, 2023

slewing bearing manufacturing process

The slewing ring is a key component used to support and rotate mechanical equipment. With the advantages of high load capacity, high precision and long life
April 23, 2023

slewing bearing with external gear

A slewing ring with external gears is a mechanical device used to rotate and support loads. It consists of two rings, an inner circle fixed to the base of the mechanical device, and an outer circle fixed to the top part. The two rings are connected by gears, which are connected to a motor or other drive through a transmission system. When the drive system is turned on, the gears begin to rotate, causing the outer circle to rotate around the inner circle.
April 23, 2023

Slewing bearing for Excavator

The excavator slewing ring is one of the core components of the excavator, also known as the slewing ring or slewing bearing. It is responsible for supporting and turning the entire upper structure, including the cab, engine, hydraulic system, boom and bucket, etc. Excavator slewing bearings are usually composed of inner and outer rings and rollers. The inner ring is installed on the base, the outer ring is installed on the upper structure, and the rollers are located between the inner and outer rings, and the support and rotation are realized by rolling.
April 21, 2023

How does a slewing bearing work?

A slewing bearing is a large-sized bearing that consists of an inner and outer ring. The outer ring is mounted to the machine's structure, while the inner ring is attached to the rotating component. The bearing has a set of gears on its outer ring that mesh with a smaller set of gears on the inner ring, enabling the rotational motion of the component. The slewing bearing also has mounting holes that allow it to be bolted into place.
April 21, 2023

What is a slewing bearing used for?

A slewing bearing, also known as a turntable bearing or a slewing ring, is used to support and rotate heavy loads in various applications. It consists of two rings, an inner ring and an outer ring, with rolling elements (such as balls or rollers) between them. The rolling elements transmit the load and allow the two rings to rotate relative to each other.
April 11, 2023

What are the differences between cross roller bearings and slewing ring bearings?

Slewing ring bearings and crossed roller bearings are similar in function and structure, such as high rigidity, high precision, high bearing performance, and high speed. More and more high-precision CNC machining equipment such as CNC indexing discs, vertical machining centers, and vertical grinding machines are abandoning traditional designs and adopting high-precision cross-roller bearings and slewing ring bearings with better performance.