Slewing drive

  • Fenghe's worm gear and worm rotary drive includes two categories: cylindrical worm and envelope worm, of which cylindrical worm is suitable for medium speed. Heavy-duty applications while the enveloping worm is suitable for low-speed heavy-duty and high-precision applications, the worm gear and worm rotary drive can be self-locking, in the power movement The domain can provide basic security and further simplify the overall design of the equipment, and is an excellent industrial accessory.

  • The worm-gear type slewing drive is developed by the slewing bearing. It is composed of housing, a turbine ferrule, a worm gear, a motor and kits. Compared with the conventional slewing bearing, the structure is compacted, safe and modularity. The characteristics of modify the main engine. Nowadays, due to the demand for heavy loading, the duplex worm slew drive device has been developed. It has better product structure compactness and high loading ability and higher output torque.

  • Rotary drive can be divided into gear drive and worm gear drive according to different transmission forms. It can be divided into two types: open type and closed type. The simplest form of rotary drive is the drive turntable applied to construction machinery products such as excavators and tower cranes. As the last link of the deceleration transmission chain, this rotary drive is open. The front end needs to be equipped with a planetary reducer with a large reduction ratio as its power input, so it can only be called the prototype of the rotary drive. In order to expand the application range of such products and further improve the convenience of product use and maintenance In order to further improve the driving ability of the product, the enveloping worm drive has also been applied to such products. The slewing drive equipped with the enveloping worm not only increases the driving torque, but also The drive accuracy has also been further improved, and digital control is possible, so it is widely used in tracking and fine-tuning devices on solar and wind power generation equipment, in addition to robots, radar, low-speed heavy-duty lifting, lifting equipment, precision CNC turntables and other product fields All have good application effects.