Fenghe slewing bearings are widely applicationto the machinery industry and provide excellent precision for smoothly running. We do a lot of job in reducing weight, creating space, reducing friction and extending durable life. Fenghe offers a variety of raw materials, internal assembling, grease and corrosion resistance options. Fenghe offers the widest range of slewing bearings with P.C.D of 120mm to 5500mm.

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Single row four point contact slewing bearing (01series)

The single-row four-point contact ball type slewing bearing consists of two rings. The structure is compacted and weight is light. The steel ball is in contact with the arc track at four points and can withstand axial force, radial force and titling moment. Rotary conveyor welding machine Small and medium-sized cranes and excavators can be used.applications:Small cranes,Industrial positioners,Rotary tables,Rotatingdisplays,Bottlingmachines,Conveyors.

Single row four point contact ball slewing ring (Q series)

The same four-point contact design as our single-row four-point contact ball slewing ring (01 series) is more thinner and provides excellent torque, thrust and radial load capacity. Ideal for applications such as truck mounted cranes, cranes and non-precision industrial work benches etc.applications:Cranes &Manipulators,Aerial lifts,Wind turbines,Position/Index tables,
Radar & Satellite, antennas,Robots,
Medical equipment.

Single row four point contact ball slewing ring (HS series)

The HS series can be customized to meet the user's different working conditions and normal working conditions in the environment, providing excellent axial, radial and titling moments. Mainly used in radar, military turrets, machine tools and excavators.
application:Radar & Satellite, antennas,Turrets,Machine tools,

Single row cross roller slewing ring (11 series)

Single row cross roller type slewing ring, consisting of two rings, compacted structure, light weight, small assembly clearance, high requirements for installation accuracy, roller 1:1 cross arrangement, can simultaneously bear axial force, tip over Torque and large radial forces are widely used in lifting and transportation, construction machinery and military products.

Single row cross roller slewing bearing (HJ series)

HJ series slewing bearing internal rolling body is roller, which is installed by crossing. It also provides internal gear, external gear and toothless structure. It has the characteristics of small assembly clearance, high precision and stable operation. Widely used in the field of test platforms, military products, artificial intelligence.

Single row cross roller slewing bearing (J series)

The J series use the structure of the cross roller to provide high precision with high load capacity. It is mainly used in the construction industry, such as concrete pump trucks, tower cranes and wheel cranes.

Double rows slewing ring (02 series)

The double eccentric raceway slewing bearing has three rings. The steel ball and the spacer can be directly put into raceway of upper & bottom raceway. According to the force condition, two rows of steel balls with different diameters are selected. This structure is very convenient, the upper and bottom circular rings with angle of 90° and can withstand large axial forces and tilting moments.

Double rows ball slewing bearing

The double rows ball slewing ring consists of two parts slewing rings, which can withstand large axial loads, radial loads and titling moments, and has a higher safety factor. It is widely used in medium and large cranes, mining equipment, excavators and other mechanical equipments.

Three rows of roller slewing bearings (13 series)

The three-row roller slewing bearing has three rings, the upper and bottom and the radial rings are separated, so that the load of each row of rollers can be accurately determined, and can bear heavy loading at the same time, which is the heaviest bearing capacity of four types. with larger thrust and radial dimensions, is particularly suitable for heavy loading equipments, such as bucket wheel excavators, wheeled cranes, marine cranes, ladle truck cranes,etc.

Thin series slewing ring

The thin slewing bearing mainly includes external ring, internal ring, a grease cup, sealing, spacer, plug, taper pin, both rings are L type.The thin slewing bearing with high precision, low noise and heavy loading capacity, widely used in food machinery, filling machinery, environmental protection machinery, etc.

Slewing drive

The worm gear drive has the funcation of reverse self-locking, which can be reverse self-locking, it means that the turbine can only be driven by the worm, the worm can not be driven by the turbine. This feature makes the slewing drive widely used for lifting and photovoltaic light heat. In the solar energy system, high-altitude operation and other equipment, while improving the performance and moving, it also greatly improves the stability and safety of the main engine, and saves installation space of equipments.