Product Types

Slewing bearing is a kind of large bearing with special structure, which can bear the overall load such as axial load, radial load and overturning load.It combines support,rotation, transmission, fixation, sealing, anticorrosion and other functions into one unit.

According to your application conditions, our team of engineers will provide professional 2D drawings and 3D models

Single Row slewing bearing

Single Row Slewing Bearing

Single Row | 55-62HRC | 50Mn/42CrMo | External Gear/Nongeared/ Internal Gear

Double Row slewing bearing

Double Row Slewing Bearing

Double Row | OEM&ODM | 50Mn/42CrMo | High Precision | Crane/Excavator

Single Row Cross Roller slewing bearing

Cross Roller Slewing Bearing

Cross Roller | 55-62HRC | 50Mn/42CrMo | Localized After-Sales | Free sample

Three-Row Roller slewing bearing

Three-Row Roller

Three-Row Roller | High loading | OEM&ODM | ExternalGear/Nongeared / Internal gear

Thin Type slewing bearing

Thin Type Slewing Bearing

Light Weight | OEM&ODM | Compact Structure | High Precision | Free sample

Light Series slewing bearing

Light Series Slewing Bearing

L-Shaped/Flang Type | OEM Customized Services | Light Weight | 50Mn/42CrMo

ys slewing bearing

Special-shaped slewing bearing

High load-bearing | Rust proofing | Internal structure customization | Gear quenching

SE slewing drive

Slewing Drive

The Worm-Gear Type | OEM&ODM | High Loading Ability | Safe And Modularity



Spur Gears/Helical Gear/Gear Shaft | Perfect Meshing | 45 # Steel | OEM&ODM