Professional ring gear manufacturer

The ring gear is an important component in the mechanical transmission system. It has a large diameter and is often used to transmit power and torque. This kind of mechanical gear uses the meshing between teeth to achieve effective motion transmission. Ring gears are usually designed with the need for high torque and slow motion in mind.

Ring gears are widely used in many fields, including industrial machinery, transportation, and energy equipment.

  • In industry, it is used in production line equipment and machine tools to transmit power and adjust speed.
  • In vehicles, the large ring gear is located in the transmission system and is used to adjust the speed and torque of the vehicle.
  • At the same time, large ring gears also play a key role in energy equipment such as ships and wind turbines.

Focusing on product quality starts from raw materials!

Ultrasonic flaw detection provides an efficient and accurate detection method for the ring gear, which helps to detect potential problems in advance and ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.


Structure and type

Large ring gears include spur gears and helical gears. Spur gears are suitable for a variety of industrial applications, while helical gears provide smoother meshing through angled tooth spaces, reducing vibration and noise.


Raw materials

Engineers need to consider factors such as load, torque, speed ratio, etc. to ensure that the large ring gear has sufficient strength and stability. Material selection is critical, often using high-strength alloy steel for durability.


Processing technology

Gear quenching improves tooth surface accuracy, reduces grain size, and improves fatigue resistance. It is suitable for many types of gears, including spur gears, helical gears, etc., giving them higher performance and service life.