SE25-D slewing drive

Output Torque 28 kN.m
Tilting Moment Torque 271 kN.m
Holding Torque 269.1 kN.m
Static Axial Rating 2360 kN
Static Radial Rating 945 kN
Dynamic Axial Rating  590 kN
Dynamic Radial Rating 470 kN
Gear Ratio  150:1
Tracking Precision ≤ 0.15°
Weight 222kg

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    Application fields of double worm slewing drive

    • Rotary drive is used in the field of rotary table and mixing machinery.

    Taking the concrete mixing machine as an example, while realizing the rotating mixing, the steering equipment is often required to provide a larger output torque. The choice of double worm rotary drive simplifies the design of the main engine and the simplification of the rotary mechanism while achieving a larger output torque. The high assembly accuracy of the double worm rotary drive (mainly the backlash of the worm gear pair) is also one of the reasons why many users use the product for the worktable steering gear of large-scale high-precision equipment.