What is a slewing drive?

A slewing drive, also known as a slewing gear or slewing ring drive, is a compact and versatile mechanism used to provide rotational movement in various applications. It consists of a gearbox, a bearing, and a motor or hydraulic system.

The slewing ring bearing is a large diameter ring with raceways that allow for smooth rotation. It is designed to withstand heavy loads and provide support for the rotating structure. The bearing is typically made of high-strength steel and is capable of handling axial, radial, and moment loads.

The motor or hydraulic system provides the driving force for the slewing drive. It can be an electric motor, hydraulic motor, or even a combination of both, depending on the specific application requirements. The motor or hydraulic system is responsible for generating the necessary torque and controlling the speed and direction of rotation.

Slewing drives are known for their compact design, high efficiency, and ability to handle heavy loads. They offer precise positioning and smooth rotation, making them essential components in various industries. The versatility of slewing drives allows for customization and integration into different types of machinery and equipment, providing reliable and efficient rotational motion solutions.

Universal solution for maximum flexibility

360° rotatable connection structure continuously or cyclically

  • The drive engine can be connected from the right or left side
  • There is no need to set gear clearance during assembly. The manufacturer is responsible for handling this.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Best use of space
  • The transmission is self-locking and requires no additional brakes
  • Continuous operation and easy to set up

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Typical applications

Slewing drive are widely used in various mechanical equipment and automation systems, enabling various mechanisms to complete functions such as orientation, positioning, and steering. Slewing drive have a wide range of applications. In addition to the above-mentioned applications, there are also the following areas where this technology is used or may be used:

  • Agricultural machinery: In agricultural machinery, such as automatic sprayers, harvesters, etc., rotation functions are required to achieve precise crop processing. The slew drive enables efficient rotation and positioning here.
  • Communication equipment: With the development of communication technology, such as wireless communication base stations, satellite ground stations, etc., antennas need to be oriented regularly or continuously. The slewing drive ensures that the antenna is always aligned with the best signal source, improving signal quality and stability.
  • National defense and military: In many high-end weapon systems, radar systems, and surveillance equipment, in order to track targets or perform surveillance, the equipment needs to be rotated quickly and accurately. Slewing drive play an irreplaceable role in this regard.
  • Mining: In mining, some equipment such as drilling rigs, excavators, etc. need to be rotated to operate from different angles.
  • Water treatment: In some water treatment equipment, such as sewage treatment rotating bridge, continuous or regular rotation is required to ensure uniform treatment of water quality.
  • Port loading and unloading: In modern ports, large container cranes or other loading and unloading equipment require slewing drives for fast and precise positioning operations to ensure fast and accurate movement of containers.
  • Traffic signal systems: In some advanced traffic signal systems or railroad crossings, a slew drive can be used to rotate the signal light or barrier to meet the traffic needs of different directions.
  • Advertising display: Some large outdoor advertising boards or TV walls may need to be rotated and displayed according to time or the direction of the audience to increase the viewing rate of the advertisement.
  • Photography and film production: In film production or large-scale event photography, in order to obtain images from various angles, the Slewing drive can help the camera achieve stable and multi-angle rotation.
  • Laboratory equipment: In some laboratory equipment, such as centrifuges, high-speed rotation is required, and the Slewing drive can provide stable rotational power.
  • High-altitude observatory: Astronomical telescope or other observation equipment that requires precise tracking of celestial objects. The slewing drive provides high-precision positioning capabilities here.
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