slewing bearing 010.30.500

Technical Parameters

Name 010.30.500
Weight(kg) 22
Outer Dimensions(mm)
D 602mm
d 398mm
H 80mm
Mounting Hole Dimension
D1 566mm
D2 434mm
dn1 dn2 18
dm1 dm2 M16
L 28
n 32
Structure Dimension
n1 4
D3 501mm
d1 498mm
H1 70mm
h 10mm

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Rich experience

Fenghe bearings have decades of experience in the field of high-quality slewing bearings used in cranes, construction machinery, mining, maritime, wind turbines, automotive engineering, aerospace and transportation technology. The strong technical support of Fenghe supporting R&D department has enabled the continuous development of our technology.

One-stop solution

Fenghe’s components can be perfectly matched from function to performance, and combined to achieve the maximum effect and overall level of efficiency. According to demand, each component in a wide product selection can be extended to the entire transmission system

Quality and high technology

All components can meet the highest requirements for functional reliability and long service life even under harsh product conditions. Complete quality management and extensive inspection and testing procedures are applied throughout the development and manufacturing process. Therefore, they ensure the reliability and long life of the components. High-quality employees with a genuine sense of responsibility have played a role in reaching Fenghe’s top brand.

Feasible solution to meet various needs

With in-depth manufacturing technology, modernization and flexible use of production resources, Fenghe can provide customers with tailor-made solutions. Each component is developed to meet individual wishes and requirements. Fenghe is your partner to achieve success together, from product idea to development, manufacturing, testing, and then to mass production.